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Welcome to the Healthy Beginnings: an ACHIA Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative Virtual Team Space!

This project aims to improve the quality of primary care practice, to foster healthy behaviors and healthy weight in children from birth to age two. ACHIA has modules and resources available for physicians, nurses and social workers. Practices will use the American Academy of Pediatrics Screening Time to access MOC Part 2 for physicians and CME for physicians and other clinical staff.  

Required for Core Participants- complete by 12/9/20

Obesity Prevention: AAP Building a Foundation for Healthy Active Living Modules
NICHQ Quality Improvement 101 
NICHQ Quality Improvement 102 (The PDSA Story)

Healthy Beginnings: an ACHIA Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative


Getting Started

Practice Tools & Resources

Key Driver

Key Drivers Healthy Beginnings

Nutrition Toolkit

0-6 Months Food and Portion Size
6-8 Months Food and Portion Size
8-12 Months Food and Portion Size
1-2 Years Food and Portion Size
Baby Lead Weaning Food Chart
Breastfeeding Support Group List
Breastfeeding Tips
Finger Food Poster
IE Bundle Hunger Scale
IE Bundle Raising IE Kids
Infant Nutrition
Toddler Nutrition 1-3 Years
Toddler Portion Size Guide
WIC Food Oct 2020 to Sept 2021 - English
WIC Food Oct 2020 to Sept 2021 - Spanish

Childhood Obesity (2yo+) AAP Modules

Module 1: The Childhood Obesity Epidemic and Role of the PCP
Module 2: Building a System to Improve Primary Care
Module 3: Introduction to the New Childhood Obesity
Module 4: Setting your Office up for Success
Module 5: Management and Treatment of Comorbidities of Obesity
Module 6: Motivational Interviewing A Strategy to Stimulate Change Talk

Dr. Hassink Presentation AL-AAP Fall

Obesity Prevention: What do we do for infants Under 2
Obesity Prevention: Optimizing Our Interactions in the Patient Encounter

KD1 - Social Determinants of Health

ALProHealth-Guidebook: AU Extension Service
Avoiding Unintended Consequences of Screening for SDH - BMJ
Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health
Implicit Bias Resource - NICHQ
Influence of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture on Childhood Obesity: Implications for Prevention and Treatment - 2008
Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Early Childhood Obesity - Peds 2008

Family Engagement

Family Engagement QI Project: Change Package
Family Engagement Guide
Patient Engagement Toolkit

KD2 - Optimal Nutrition

A Better Approach to Conversations about Breastfeeding
Fruit Juice in Infants, Children and Adolescents - AAP 2017 
ADPH WIC Approved Foods List Oct. 2020
AL Breastfeeding Resource Guide 2020
AL WIC Child & Woman Formula Prescription
AL WIC Infant Formula Prescription
AL WIC Program Hospital Special Formula Notification
Applying an Equity Lens to Safe Sleep and Breastfeeding Efforts
Complementary Food Introduction and Adiposity Peds 2019
Feeding Infants and Children from Birth to 24 Months: Summarizing Existing Guidance
Healthy Beverage Consumption in Early Childhood - Consensus Statement
Infant Nutrition and Feeding Guide
NICHQ National Breastfeeding Month Toolkit 2020
Pediatricians Are Perfectly Positioned to Help Mothers Reach Their Breastfeeding Goals
Revised WIC Food Package and Children’s Diet Quality

KD3 - Foster Healthy Environments

Bright Futures: Tips to Link Your Practice to Community Resources
Influence Ethnicity Race Culture Child Obesity 2008
Parental influence on children’s early eating 2010
Physical Assessment and Plan in Ped Clinics 2020 Peds
Screen-Use Tips for Parents of Children Under Three
Sleep and Adiposity Ages 2-6 years - Peds 2020

KD4 - Monitor Growth and Assess Risks

Bright Futures Health Supervision Visits
Association of Weight for Length vs Body Mass Index During the First 2 Years of Life With Cardiometabolic Risk in Early Adolescence
Training Course on Child Growth Assessment - WHO
Neonatal Adiposity and childhood obesity - Peds 2020
Recall-& Reminder Resource
Respectful language and obesity
WIC At Risk for Overweight Criteria

Alabama WIC Resources 

WIC Healthy Eating 1-yr.pdf
WIC Healthy Eating 2-yr.pdf
WIC Healthy Eating 3-yr.pdf
WIC Healthy Eating 4-yr.pdf
Juices Brochure.pdf
WIC Food Package-Monthly Amounts.pdf
WIC Approved Foods 2020.pdf
WIC Healthy Family Choices.pdf
WIC Healthy Babies and Moms.pdf
WIC Who is Eligible.pdf


Algorithm for the Assessment and Management of Childhood Obesity in Patients 2 Years and Older 
Prevalence of Obesity - Peds 2018


Back to the Doctor Tip Sheet 

QI Tools & Resources


Institute for Healthcare Improvement
National Institute for Children's Health Quality
Academy of Communication in Healthcare
Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems
Atul Gawande


A Team Approach to Quality Improvement - Family Practice Management
“Buy-In” versus “Ownership” - Lipmanowitz
Front-Line Ownership - Zimmerman
IHI QI Essential Toolkit
Leadership and Commitment
The run chart: a simple analytical tool
The problem with Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles
Happiness in the Workforce
The Hot Spotters
Coproduction of healthcare service

Patient Self Management Support

Physician Resource Guide


Initial QI Work Checklist
Healthy Beginnings Virtual Site Visit Pre-Work
QI Process Maps for QI Coach Visit
Process Map Choice 1
Process Map Choice 2
Process Map Choice 3
Process Map Advanced FMEA Choice 4
Sample sFMEA Process Only
Key Driver 1 Aims and PDSA Ramp
Key Driver 2 Aims and PDSA Ramp
Key Driver 3 Aims and PDSA Ramp
Healthy Beginnings Timeline
Key Driver 4 Aims and PDSA Ramp
Monthly QI Work Checklist


Model for Improvement Part 1
Model for Improvement Part 2
Dr. Mike Evans: Quality Improvement in Healthcare
Short Meeting Skills Video
Kaizan (Review Process Mapping) Video 

IHI Whiteboard Videos

PDSA Part 1
PDSA Part 2
Introduction to Flowcharting
Flowcharting Part 2
Cause and Effect Diagrams (Fishbone)

IHI Open Course


Reliability Design Method



Quality Improvement 101
Quality Improvement 102  (The PDSA Story)






Data & Measures

Community Partners


Collaborative Faculty and Contact Information