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Best Beginnings - 2020


Getting Started

Practice Tools & Resources


Promoting Optimal Development Peds-Jan 2020.pdf

Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3) Implementation

ASQ-3 Scoring Help
ASQ-3 Age Calculator
ASQ-3 Age Administration Chart
ASQ-3 Score Adjustment Chart
Kids in the monitoring zone
Quick Start Guide
Four Common Screening Mistakes
Interpreting Results the Next Steps Training Module
Success After Screening
ASQ-3 Activities-English
ASQ-3 Activities-Spanish
ASQ-3 Resources
Helping Parents Complete ASQ-3

Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC)

Executive Summary 2019
User Manual 2019


AAP Autism Screening Algorithm

CDC Autism Case-Based Training

Module 1: Early Warning Signs of Autism
Module 2: Screening for Autism
Module 3: Communicating Concerns: Screening and Diagnosis Results
Module 5: Early Intervention and Education
Module 7: Autism-Specific Anticipatory Guidance

Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, Revised with Follow-Up (M-CHAT-R/F)

User Manual
Score Template
M-CHAT-R/F Translations Available 


Ages & Stages Questionnaires- Social Emotional (ASQ:SE-2)

Your Top ASQ:SE-2 Questions Answered
ASQ Age Administration Chart
Success After Screening
Four Common Screening Mistakes
Interpreting Results the Next Steps Training Module
ASQ:SE Toolkit
Helping Parents Complete ASQ-3

Social Emotional Office Poster-Toddler

Social Emotional Office Poster-Infant

Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC)

Executive Summary 2019
User Manual 2019

Postpartum Depression

DC Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

Maternal Depression Webinar-NICQ

Maternal Depression First Steps-NICQ

Postpartum Support International-Alabama Chapter


Edinburg Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)

Scale and Scoring
Scoring and Action Plan
EPDS Additional Translations

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)

Questionnaire and Scoring Scale
PHQ Additional Languages
Instructions for Use-AAP
PHQ-9 English
PHQ-9 Spanish


Best Beginnings Coding Tips

Standardized Screening Codes

Implementing Screening Tips

Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC) Webinars with Narration

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

SWYC 101 for Front Desk Staff Quick Start

AAP Roadmap to Integrate Developmental Screening into EHR

Prepare Before You Share ASQ Screening Results

Screening Flow Chart

Tips for ASQ in Pediatric Practices

Patient Engagement

Helping Parents Complete ASQ

AAP Developmental Screening Conversation Tip Sheet

AAP Social Determinants of Health Screening Conversation Tip Sheet

ASQ Success After Screening

Postpartum Depression Printable Posters for Office

Social Emotional Office Poster-Toddler

Social Emotional Office Poster-Infant

Tips for Screening Children from Diverse Cultures

Referral Policy and Tool Examples

AAP Referral Resources


36-hour Phone Follow-up Script


Reminder/Recall Resources

AAP Immunizations Reminder/Recall Systems

Using a Registry to Do Reminder/Recall-Mini Guide

QI Tools

Data & Measures

Community Partners


Selected Articles







Postpartum Depression




School Readiness 


Collaborative Faculty and Contact Information

Best Beginnings Collaborative 360

Final Report


Adolescent Well Visit Collaborative- 2019 

Educational content available through Oct. 9, 2021

Minor Consent and Confidentiality in Alabama


Getting Started

Data & Measures

QI Tools

Practice Tools & Resources

Confidentiality and Consent 

AZ Staff Training Tool

AZ Adolescent Toolkit-Parents Handout

AZ Adolescent Toolkit-Youth Handout

AZ Consent and Confidentiality Sample Office Policy

Confidentiality Examples

Consent and Confidentiality in Adolescent Health Care-A Guide for Arizona Physicians 

Evidence for Confidentiality

Minor Consent and Confidentiality in Alabama

USA Pediatric Adolescent Medicine Confidential Agreement 

AAP Chaperone Statement

Confidentiality Protection for Adolescents and Young Adults in the Health Care Billing and Insurance Claims Process

Discussions of Potentially Sensitive Topics 

New Directions to Improve Preventive Care Discussion

USA Master Plan


We're Here for You Poster-English

We're Here for You Poster-Spanish

PEAC Poster

Health Rights for Teens-Michigan

Risk Screening Infographic

Referral Infographic

Overview Toolkits

AYAH Change Packages: Full Resource Inventory
Oregon Collaborative Lessons Learned-2015


LEAH Transition Toolkit

NCQA PCMH and Transition

Transition Readiness Assessment Forms

Practice Current Assessment of Health Care Transition Activities 

Practice Transition Process Measurement Tool

Sample CRS Transition Policy

Sample CRS Transition Policy-Spanish

Sample Transition Policy

Transition Feedback Survey for Parents

Transition Feedback Survey for Youth

Vermont AYA Assessment Tour Tool

Crosswalk of Meeting Commercial Payer Reimbursement 

Sparks Training- Adolescent Health Initiative 

Clinic Strategies to Increase AYA Clinical Well Visits

Coding Preventive Care 2018

Adolescent Toolkits

#StayWell Resources

Youth Centered Care YCCelements

Available Toolkits


Achieving Quailty Health Care for Adolescents 

NM Know Your Health Toolkit

WHO Global Strategies for Youth Centered Care

SPARKS Training-University of Michigan 

AYAH Change Packages: Full Resource Inventory

Oregon Collaborative Lessons Learned-2015

Family Engagement 

Conducting a Family Focus Group

Family Engagement Tools

Links to the Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care

Collecting Patient Satisfaction Surveys from Adolescents-Starter Guide


AAP HPV Toolkit

AAP Online Immunization Toolkit

Developing Immunization Culture

Practical Approaches to Maximize Adolescent Vaccines-AAP

Recommending MCV4

Top 10 Ways to Improve Adolescent Immunization Rates

HPV Messaging Pediatrics 2019

HPV-iPhone App to Improve Communication


Ensuring Comprehensive Care- Transgender AAP Policy Oct. 2018

Genderbread Person

LGBTQ Resources

LGBTQ Information 

Mental Health 

AAP Depression Screening Toolkit

Suicide in Adolescents- AAP

AAP Implementing Mental Health Priorities in Clinical Practice 

SBHC Integrated Behavioral Health Starter Guide

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing 

Obesity Prevention and Treatment 

Obesity Stigma AAP

What's My Plate All About Infographic

Example of Office Encounter: Using Motivational Interviewing  

AAP- Clinical Practice Guideline for Screening and Management of High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents

Guide to Effective Communication 

Healthy Eating on a Budget Cookbook 

PIR- Hypertension in Children and Adolescents 

Stigma Experienced by Children and Adolescents with Obesity Infographic 

JAMA- Screening for Obesity and Intervention for Weight Management in Children and Adolescents

Practitioner Barriers to Utilizing MI

AAP- Prevalence of Obesity and Severe Obesity in US Children  

AAP- Preventing Obesity and Eating Disorders in Adolescents

AAP- The Role of the Pediatrician in Primary Prevention of Obesity

Stop Obesity Alliance-Weigh In 

The Obesity Society- Childhood Obesity Resources

PIR- Approach to Hypertriglyceridemia in the Pediatric Population 

Sexual Health 

Substance Abuse

Adolescent Substance Abuse and Rx Misuse 

Tobacco Use & Cessation 

CDC Tobacco Use Toolkit  

E-Cigarettes and Similar Devices AAP Policy Statement 2019

Transition to Adult Care

AAP Transition Planning 

Transition Timeline 

Got Transition Policy Example

Transition Tool Link for Teens with Intellectual Disabilities

Medical Home

AAP What is Medical Home?

Medical Home Messages for Children and Youth 

AHI PCP School Based Collaborations 

AHI PCP School Based Partnerships Starter Guide

AHI Youth-Friendly Services Starter Guide

Customized Well Visit Promotion 

Example Importance of PCMH WCC Visits

Example Patient Satisfaction Survey Vermont-Ages 14-17

Example Youth Satisfaction Survey Questions

Example Youth Tour Assessment Tool

Teen Why Have Annual Visit Infographic

Well Visit Complete Infographic

Why Have an Annual Well Visit Infographic

Teen Well Visits Flyer

Medical Home Posters for Promotion 

AAP Medical Home Bookmarks

AAP Your Child's Medical Home: What You Need to Know

Medical Home Team Poster 1

Medical Home Team Poster 2

Medical Home Team Poster 3

Medical Home Team Poster 4

Medical Home Team Poster Destination 

Patient-Centered Medical Home Poster

Patient-Centered Medical Home Patient Brochure

Patient-Centered Medical Home Infographic

Patient-Centered Medical Home Brochure-English 

Patient-Centered Medical Home Brouchure- Spanish 

Selected Articles


Collaborative Faculty and Contact Information

Final Report

#StayWell Adolescent Collaborative 360


Breathe Alabama Collaborative- 2018

Educational content available through Nov. 14, 2020

Click here for CME Modules

Getting Started & Overview

Practice Tools & Resources

Home Visiting Resources

QI Tools

Data Resources

Patient Handouts & Resources

Selected Articles

Collaborative and Contact Information

Breathe Alabama Health Home Resources - 2018

In this project ACHIA developed a home visiting component based on an evidence-based model that integrates clinical care and public health practice in which Health Home Care coordinators visit patients in their homes to help identify and remediate asthma triggers, provide culturally appropriate self-management education and coordinate care.  Below are resources developed for Health Homes care coordinators and practice staff.  Curriculum and resources were developed by the following ACHIA faculty members:

  • Terri Magruder, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Katy McMullen, MSW, LICSW, AE-C, Medical Social Worker, Children’s of Alabama

Home Visiting Resources


Asthma Medications and Asthma Action Plans

Asthma Medications and Asthma Action Plans Handout

Asthma Triggers and Environmental Assessment

Asthma Triggers and Environmental Assessment Handout 

Asthma Basics for Health Homes 

Asthma Basics for Health Homes 

Keys to a Successful Home Visit

Keys to a Successful Home Visit Handout

Final Report


Early Screening Collaborative- 2017 

Getting Started & Overview

Practice Tools & Resources

QI Tools

Data Resources

Patient Handouts & Resources


Community Partners

Selected Articles


HPV Collaborative- 2016

Getting Started & Overview

Practice Tools & Resources

QI Tools

Data Resources

Patient Resources

Selected Articles

Collaborative and Contact Information

Project Summary


Healthy Active Living (HAL) Collaborative- 2014

In the content below you will find patient handouts, forms, worksheets and much more. Click the links below to download the HAL materials! 

Getting Started & Overview

Tools & Resources

Patient Handouts


Selected Articles


AHA Healthy Heart

AHA Heart Healthy Eating  

Cardiovascular Health Integrated Lifestyle Diet_UPD


Jump Start Healthy Heart

TLC Guidelines

Blood Pressure

Free Apps for BP Percentile


Caffeine for teens 2013

Caffeine Kids 2013

The Dangers of Drinking Energy Drinks

Calorie Menus

1200 Calorie Menu

1600 Calorie Low Glycemic Meal Plan

1600 Calorie Menu

1800 Calorie Low Glycemic Meal Plan

1800 Calorie Menu

DASH Diet for 1400 kcal Diet

DASH Diet for 1600 kcal Diet

DASH Diet for 1800 kcal Diet

Sample 7 Day Low Glycemic Index Menu with Snacks 

Eating Healthy on a Budget

20 Ways to save money at the grocery store

Healthy Grocery List

SYFD - SpendLess

We Can Healthier Eating While Saving Money


Biking flip on short side

Exercise for arms (intern)

Exercise for lower back and core (intern)

exercise for lower body (intern) 

Exercise for shoulders (intern)




24 Hour recall edited 3.3.15

Laboratory Order Sheet Template in Word_for editing

Laboratory Order Sheet Template in Word_for editing

Laboratory Order Sheet Template in Word_for editing

Laboratory Order Sheet Template

Three Day Food Record Sample

Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Options for Patients

Healthy Bag School Lunch Ideas

Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Options

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch Options for Teenagers

Healthy School Lunch Choices

Lunch Box Mix and Match

Non Periashable Quick Bag Lunch Ideas

Quick Meal Ideas for the Work Week

Tips for Healthy Packed Lunch 

Healthy Choices for Children and Adolescents

10 Tips to get Daily Fiber

Boost Your Iron Intake

Fast Food Comparison

Go, slow and whoa food list

Healthy Beverage Choices 

Healthy Children Calcium 2015

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Guidelines for Kids

Sugars and Sweetners

Tip Sugar In Drinks

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Patient Education Resources

Acanthosis nigricans


NAFLD - English

Preventing Type 2 in Children

TeensHealth polycystic ovaries



Portion Control

Daily Est kcal and recommened Servings by age gender

Know Your Serving Sizes - Age appropriate chart

Provider Resources

ICD-9 Codes final for traveling CME

Metabolic SyndromeinPediatrics_OldConceptsRevised



Traveling CME PPT Handout

Special Diets 

Food Allergen Survival Guide


Lactose Free

Low Purine Diet


Understanding Lactose Free diet



Kids in the Kitchen

PHLC Booklet 2013 revised final copy 

Quick Start to Health alternatives 2013

Reducing salt intake 2013

Road to diabetes